Book to the Monument.


Book. Design. Designing a book is not an easy task, in this case, for a good design project, the graphic representation will not only constitute a visually attractive exercise, in conjunction it should let other works that outline it communicate clearly - it is an act of complicated balance that requires knowledge and consideration, a care in terms of the content to be captured and a fusion with the self-expression that one intends to implement. Designing books, especially books that evoke art, allows one to be more expressive through the typographic layout, image treatment, graphic language and even the materials used in the construction of the book. A freedom to combine the artist mindset through different components of communication design. The designer is, today, an entrepreneur. - it's being able to express a sense of personality through data and guide structures, and deliver the right information at the right pace to a target audience. Designers are the only professionals qualified to make design projects.